Public Comment Needed: Proposed Changes to Transportation Plan 2040

The public is invited to comment on changes to Transportation Plan 2040. Transportation Plan 2040 is the long range transportation plan for the region and proposes a list of projects which can be afforded through 2040. Projects moved to construction in the Transportation Improvement Program must first appear in Transportation Plan 2040. In the development of the FY 2019 to FY 2022 TIP, one project has been requested for programming that is currently on the Unconstrained Project List:


ID Description Time Band Inflated Cost
M103 Route 60 Freeway Improvements from FR 213 to FR 247, including Route 125 interchange 2018-2022 $15,380,000
2023-2030 $10,007,326


After May 20, 2018, any amendment to a long range transportation plan requires the plan itself to be updated to reflect the performance-based planning requirements of the FAST Act. A System Performance Report has also been incorporated into Transportation Plan 2040, satisfying this requirement.

Details can be found at

How to comment:



Fax: 417-862-6013

In writing: OTO, 2208 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Suite 101, Springfield, MO 65807

The public comment period will continue until noon on August 16, 2018.  After reviewing recommendations and public comments, the OTO Board of Directors will decide whether to formally adopt the amendment at its regularly scheduled meeting on August 16, 2018, at noon, at 2208 W. Chesterfield Boulevard, Suite 101, Springfield, MO.

Ozarks Transportation Organization is your Springfield-regional Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO.  The MPO is a body of elected and appointed members who work together with local, state and federal elected officials and policy-makers, serving to make funding and planning decisions for transportation within the Springfield, MO region.

Public input is a cornerstone of our operations. To tell us what you think, please email us at Find us on Facebook, or on Twitter @giveusyourinput.  Or call, or stop by our office at 2208 W. Chesterfield Boulevard, Suite 101, in beautiful Chesterfield Village.

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