Public Comment Needed: Proposed Change to Federal Functional Classification

One roadway has a proposed change to its federal functional classification. The Federal Functional Classification System designates Federal Aid Highways, which are eligible for federal funding. The functional classification should match how the roadway is currently used. Roadways must have a minimum classification of Collector to be eligible for federal funding.

The following information is a summary of the submitted application materials.

The City of Nixa has requested the following change to the federal functional classification system. The application is included.

  1. Truman Blvd, from MO 14 to Norton, with new alignments; Norton, from Truman Blvd. to Rosedale

   Current Functional Classification – Local

   Requested Functional Classification – Major Collector

   Major Thoroughfare Plan – Collector

   Reasoning – Norton Rd. is currently used by Nixa residents from four different subdivisions and many County residents. Current traffic counts indicate an ADT of 1,096 vehicles traveling a section of Norton Rd. that is narrower than twenty feet in places. This connection would also alleviate traffic congestion at the intersection of South St and Hwy 160.   The reclassification to Major Collector would also coincide with the proposed Major Thoroughfare Plan aiding in the future connectivity of Inman Rd.

Details can be found at

How to comment:



Fax: 417-862-6013

In writing: OTO, 2208 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Suite 101, Springfield, MO 65807

The public comment period will end on August 16, 2018.  After reviewing recommendations and public comments, the OTO Board of Directors will decide whether to formally adopt the changes at its regularly scheduled meeting on August 16, 2018, at noon, at 2208 W Chesterfield Blvd., Suite 101, Springfield, MO 65738.



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