Nixa Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Investment Study

The OTO is pleased to present a final draft of the Nixa Trail Study, an addendum to Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Investment Study. The Nixa study adds just over 12 miles of regional trail corridors to the 76 mile system evaluated during 2017.

Three trails would connect Nixa (1) to its new city park, along the James River, and southeast Springfield, (2) to southeast Springfield and Ozark via the proposed Chadwick Flyer Trail, and (3) to the Finely River and Ozark via Finely River trail, a long-term trail concept.  These trails would cost approximately $15.6 million to construct.

We are excited to see how this information will be used by Nixa, and the rest of the region, to advance our trail system.

Below is a link to the Nixa Trail study.


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