Public Participation Plan Amendment

OTO requests public comment on a amendment to the OTO Public Participation Plan. The amendment adds required language by the Federal Transit Administration to fulfill the grant requirements for public participation for transit projects. The revisions may be found on pages 17 and 21 of the Public Participation Plan. The public comment period is from March 1 to April 16, 2015.

OTO adopted the Public Participation Plan in 2013. The purpose of the Public Participation Plan is to outline the process to involve the public and transportation stakeholders in the decision-making process. The adopted plan does not currently describe that the public participation process adopted by OTO satisfies the requirements for public participation for City Utilities Transit and for all FTA programs.
The Public Participation Plan amendment is available for review here.

Please leave any comment or questions on the amendment below.

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  1. David Riddle // April 15, 2015 at 3:05 am // Reply

    I agree with replacing CU’s public involvement policy with the OTO’s public participation plan. For CU Transit, however, this should apply to not only new projects but also to any service change expected to last longer than one month. Since last summer, CU has had a notice posted on a window of the downtown Springfield transit center saying that the Expedia Extension of Route 8 will not operate until further notice. By now, more than 8 months later, the Expedia Extension should have been formally and publicly abandoned, with an appropriate public comment period, or a notice should have been provided about alternative service. CU has done neither, to my knowledge. Transit service should not be drastically altered without an adequate public comment period being provided and the procedures in the Public Participation Plan being followed.

    • David,
      Thank you for your comments. First I want to let you know that you comments will be passed along to the Board of Directors at their regular meeting tomorrow, April 16. Additionally,
      we are looking at the possibility of working with City Utilities on a way providing public input for changes. However, City Utilities would still hold public hearings for changes greater than 25% of the revenue for the bus system.

      Thank you for your time,
      OTO staff

    • I know, Blake. It is sad. I’m fortunate buasece I live in an area where the bank, grocery store, and post office are all within a mile from my house so I can walk to get things done when the weather is not too bad I love doing that!

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