Variance to Major Thoroughfare Plan

Christian County is requesting a variance to the OTO Major Thoroughfare Plan for access along Pawnee.

The public is invited to comment on a variance request for the Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP).  The MTP is part of Transportation Plan 2040 and outlines functional classifications of roadways with design standards to achieve those functional classifications.  A new subdivision is proposing two access roads.  One is across Pawnee from an existing roadway (Mayfair).  The other is approximately 450’ to the west.  Pawnee Road is classified as a Collector, which requires 660 feet for full access intersection spacing.  To adjust for terrain and existing road connection locations long the opposite side of Pawnee Road, the variance is to allow intersection spacing of roughly 450 feet for the proposed River Pointe Subdivision.  Details can be found at

How to comment:



Fax: 417-862-6013. 

In writing: OTO, 2208 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Suite 101, Springfield, MO  65807 

The public comment period will continue until February 28, 2019.  After reviewing recommendations and public comments, the OTO Board of Directors will decide whether to formally approve the variance at its regularly scheduled meeting on February 28, 2019 at noon, at 2208 W. Chesterfield Boulevard, Suite 101, Springfield, MO. 

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