Transit Coordination Plan Survey Available

The Ozarks Transportation Organization (OTO) would like to announce the availability of three (3) surveys related to the updating of our Transit Coordination Plan. These surveys will help identify the transportation needs of seniors and those with disabilities, and identify how area transportation providers and human service agencies are serving these individuals. This data will be used to identify strategies for improving the transportation options for these populations
The OTO seeks to involve all individuals and organizations with an interest in the transportation of seniors and individuals with disabilities. The three (3) Transit Coordination Plan surveys include:
• a survey on the transportation needs of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those with limited incomes;
• a survey of area transportation providers; and
• a survey of area human service agencies.
The surveys will be available until February 3, 2017. A Spanish language version of the user survey is available online. Additionally, efforts were taken to make the online user survey compatible with screen reading software used by individuals with visual impairments.
Information regarding these surveys have been, and will be, distributed to a wide range of individuals and groups. Information has been mailed to a set of known transportation users, and area transportation providers and human service agencies. Additionally, site visits have been scheduled at select area senior centers and sheltered workshops during the survey period. Additionally, the surveys are available online at:
• User Survey:
• Human Service Agency:
• Transportation Provider (including human service agencies that offer transportation):
These surveys will provide an array of useful information to include in the newest version of the Transit Coordination Plan.
Please contact Andy Thomason at or (417) 865-3047 x107 if you have any questions or wish to obtain a paper copy of the user survey. Again, surveys will be available until February 3, 2017.


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