Ozarks Transportation Organization and CU Transit are partnering to conduct a Transit Rider Survey from Sunday, December 3, to Friday, December 15.


We want to hear from all CU Transit riders, whether they are occasional or frequent riders.


CU Transit is looking to learn more about:

    • How riders are using the system.
    • Customer opinions of current and future service options
    • A little more information about the riders themselves


The survey will be available from Sunday, December 3, to Friday, December 15.


Paper copies of the survey will be available on all CU Transit Buses. The survey is also available online at


Paper surveys can be completed while you ride the bus and placed in an envelope on the bus or returned to the Transit Center. Online surveys are can be complete anywhere, using information from your last transit trip.

CU Transit wants to hear from its riders. From Sunday, December 3, to Friday, December 15, CU Transit will be conducting a Rider Survey. Kelly Turner, Director of Transit, hopes to reach out to riders to gain valuable insight to assist CU in continually improving the quality of service the transit system provides. The survey includes questions about service frequency and coverage, payment options, and some basic personal traits. Riders will have the options to complete a paper version of the survey while they ride the bus or complete an electronic version of the survey at with information from their last transit trip. Andy Thomason, a planner with Ozarks Transportation Organization, is managing the survey and will provide an analysis of results to Mr. Turner by February 2018.


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