OTO Recommends Performance Targets – Safety and Asset Management

Federal transportation law requires OTO to set performance targets in 7 areas. This pertains to the Safety and Transit Asset Management targets. OTO is proposing to support the MoDOT targets:

Safety Targets

Performance Measure (5-Year Rolling Average) Statewide Target for CY2018
Number of Fatalities 857.7
Fatality Rate per 100 Million VMT 1.163
Number of Serious Injuries 4,559.3
Serious Injury Rate per 100 Million VMT 6.191
Number of Non-Motorized Fatalities and Serious Injuries 431.9

Transit Asset Management Targets

MoDOT FY 2019 Targets
Equipment: Non-revenue support-service and maintenance vehicles (exceeding $50k at purchase) N/A
Rolling Stock
Automobiles, Minivans, Vans 8 Years Useful Life 45%
Cutaways 10 Years Useful Life 45%
Buses 14 Years Useful Life 45%
Administrative, Passenger Stations (buildings), and Parking Facilities 30% with a condition rating below 3.0 on FTA’s TERM Scale
Maintenance Facilities 25% with a condition rating below 3.0 on FTA’s TERM Scale
Only rail fixed-guideway, track, signals and systems N/A

Two targets are not applicable as no participating entity has support or maintenance vehicles that exceeded $50,000 at purchase nor are there any rail fixed-guideway systems in the state plan.

Rating Condition Description
5 Excellent No visible defects, new or near new condition, may still be under warranty if applicable
4 Good Good condition, but no longer new, may be slightly defective or deteriorated, but is overall functional
3 Adequate Moderately deteriorated or defective, but has not exceeded useful life
2 Marginal Defective or deteriorated in need of replacement, exceeded useful life
1 Poor Critically damaged or in need of immediate repair, well past useful life

Visit https://giveusyourinput.org/category/public-comment/ or the OTO offices to review the Targets in further detail and to submit comments. Comments can also be submitted in writing to Ozarks Transportation Organization, 2208 W. Chesterfield Boulevard, Suite 101, Springfield, Missouri 65807, emailed to comment@ozarkstransportation.org, or faxed to 417-862-6013.

The public comment period will end at noon on December 20, 2018. The OTO Board of Directors will review and consider approving the Targets at their December 20, 2018 Board Meeting, held at 12:00 noon at 2208 W. Chesterfield Boulevard, Suite 101, Springfield, Missouri. After reviewing recommendations and entertaining public comment, the OTO Board of Directors will decide whether to formally adopt the Targets.

For more information, contact: Natasha Longpine, Principal Planner, Ozarks Transportation Organization, 2208 W. Chesterfield Boulevard, Suite 101, Springfield, Missouri 65807, 417-865-3042.

Ozarks Transportation Organization is your Springfield-regional Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO.  The MPO is a body of elected and appointed members who work together with local, state and federal elected officials and policy-makers, serving to make funding and planning decisions for transportation within the Springfield, MO region.

Public input is a cornerstone of our operations. To tell us what you think, please email us at comment@ozartstransportation.org. Find us on Facebook, or on Twitter @giveusyourinput.  Or call, or stop by our office at 2208 W. Chesterfield Boulevard, Suite 101, in beautiful Chesterfield Village.


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